To Blog or Not To Blog?


To blog or not to blog? Since I am not capable of answering a question like “To be or not to be” – which many thinkers smarter and deeper than me have failed to answer, I am attempting to analyze a much lighter topic … or maybe it isn’t as light as it seems at first look after all?

It seems that the only purpose of life is to live, and because evidently there is no other purpose, individuals must give their own lives meaning. But when it comes to the purpose of blogging online, things are a little brighter. Of course blogging, just like every human activity, is still a subcategory of the meaningless life mentioned above — which means that it’s meaningless too really.  But, oh well, let’s not start with existential questions just now; let’s keep it light. In my not so humble opinion, the purpose of online blogging for most people (including me) is to say “Heyyyy!  Here I am!  Take a look!”

It’s always nice — and usually constructive — to share ideas and information that can be accessed by an increasing number of people for no more than the cost of an internet connection.  So considering that we live in the 21st century, that we are experiencing the most intense technological revolution of all time, and that we are transitioning into an age of High Technology, is there a better way to improve the quality of our lives than by using the Internet?

To Blog or Not To Blog

 Let’s start doing so by sharing and exchanging ideas, and if possible, why not improve upon commonly held ideologies. Let’s join forces and make all these things that separate us bring us closer instead. Your life and story could be mine in a parallel universe. Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean that it can’t be. So what’s the purpose of this blog? It is to share ideas, beliefs, and stories with people all around the world; to make humanity more connected; and to help spread the link above. To blog or not to blog? To blog of course… it’s really a beautiful thing.



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