How It All Began

hire-me-writing-serviceIt all began six months ago. It was a Saturday in April when I decided to submit my first article to Listverse.  It was accepted that same day and published two days later.  I was surprised. Nothing had gone my way for an eternity and a day. A long living hell had preceded that victory.


Later suckers…..I made it as a freelancer!!!!!

At the beginning of the year, I was in a really tough spot.  I had a pregnant girlfriend and a job that paid pennies.  I was nearly broke and hopeless, with endless bills to pay – and all this was taking place in a country that made global headlines week after week for its tragic financial crisis. I was plenty desperate.


Being Greek in 2013

I even briefly toyed with the idea of getting back in the ring to start kickboxing for money again, but after a sparring session with a younger opponent, I realized that I was no longer the younger man who had been a State and National champ. I thought, “Nah… this will cost me more in broken teeth than I’ll ever earn»


Hey champ….If you can’t fight anymore, you can always sell me. I will always belong to you if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile I worked as a storekeeper for a couple of weeks for some Chinese businessmen, filed papers for fellow lawyers, and even worked in a friend’s restaurant as a waiter for a few weekends to make some extra cash. My wallet was still bleeding.

I can even recall one cold night in February, lying in bed watching Johnny Depp in Blow, when I had some really intense, tempting thoughts about the theme of the movie. However, I am a man of law, so I just went to sleep, resolving to find other ways to make money.  After all, Johnny Depp ended up crazy and in jail in that film, and I didn’t want the same for me.


Well even though I am way better looking than my boy Johnny, you get what I am trying to say here.

I was feeling desperate as usual one day when, by a truly Homeric coincidence, I discovered the world of freelance writing, and my life changed for the better.  It didn’t change all that much – don’t imagine a Hollywood happy ending or something.  And nothing was easy. There were many problems, challenges, and boundaries for me to overcome, including a language barrier.  My English is good enough for someone who lives in Greece, but it’s my third or fourth language, not my native tongue. The truth is that I was discouraged for a while, but then I faced the Do or Die question… can you make it as a freelance writer if English is not your mother tongue? But that’s not the subject of today’s post.  It will be the main topic of the next article.  Today we are celebrating six months of doing business in the freelancing world, and I have decided to share some interesting statistics with you about this short but beautiful journey.

Until the next time, Theocracy’s finest wish that you have a very good day.

It looks like we got some facts and numbers here: 

Articles sold: 63

Articles published so far: 52

Views: A few millions

Total Comments: 3,696

Total likes: 1,721

Most liked article: 423 x 2

Earnings: Damn, that’s too personal mate, but let’s say a few thousands $$$

In the words of the great George Michael  who said – when he was informed that his Faith album had sold over 25 million copies – “Not bad for a Greek bloke from the UK.”

9 thoughts on “How It All Began

  1. You are a very good writer, and its interesting to know how it all started. Keep the lists coming, keep the blogs coming. And now that I think of it, why do you post only about sexy women, how about some sexy men? Lol!


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