There are some things that we will never learn at school or even if we do, the narrative of these stories will focus on the things they want us to know instead of the true version of the story. Are you looking for examples already? Let us give you a helping hand: The USSR dominated the Olympic Games, but all we hear about is the Miracle on ice
The USSR first appeared at the Olympics back in 1952, while the last time it participated was in 1988. Probably the only stories you know about the USSR and the Olympics is how a bunch of American college boys kicked the Soviets in the ass at the Winter Olympics of 1980 aka “Miracle on ice,” but the fact remains that the Soviets dominated the medal Olympic tables in a total of fourteen cases out of their eighteen participations; seven times in the Summer Olympics and seven times in the Winter Games. They finished second three times to the Americans and once to East Germany.
You might have heard how Soviet and East German athletes were merciless steroid abusers, but a simple look at all the doping cases in history shows one thing: Americans juiced and still juice more than any other nation’s athletes. You might have heard also that when the USSR beat the US in the Olympic Basketball tournament of 1972 there was some serious case of injustice and actually it might be true, but let’s not forget that the US team of Carmelo, Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and the rest of the NBA superstars got their ass whipped in 2006 by tiny Greece, where basketball became professional only twenty years ago. The fact that they lost to a country with half the population of New York City alone, or that Lebron’s salary was more than all of the Greek team’s combined, didn’t stop many Americans from making lame excuses, instead of giving credit where it is due.
Despite the excuses, the fact remains that the USSR had the most dominant and disciplined sportsmen of the twentieth century, and there’s plenty of evidence and proof waiting for you to discover out there, instead of believing what the media serve you.
A good example for all this argument is boxing, one of America’s most beloved and popular sports historically. All the ex-Soviet boxers who couldn’t become professional boxers throughout most of the twentieth century because of the communist regime have for nearly two decades now produced one world champ after another in most boxing divisions and dominate the most prestigious division in history—the heavyweight—with ease . The sport of boxing used to be an American dominated, but all this was way before the Iron Curtain collapses and the Eastern Europeans change the map of professional boxing just as they did at the Olympic tournaments. So it makes you wonder how a 5’10, 215 lb Mike Tyson, or a 5’10, 190 lb Rocky Marciano would have fared against 6’7, 250 lb Soviet towers like the Klitschkos, for example. Not that great probably.


Questions that will never be answered, but can only be speculated on based on facts.

Written by Theodoros II for TCMag



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