11 Irresistible Video Game Plots That Would Make Great Films

resident-evil-afterlife-milla-jovovich1Since the days gamers got super-excited playing with a strange-looking yellow creature (named Pac-Man) that ate every dot in his way, or building blocks from “flying” Tetrominoes, video-gaming has progressed dramatically and moved to another level. Of course, as gamers who respect the history and culture of the gaming lifestyle, we won’t dare disrespect such classics as Pac-Man and Tetris but truth be told times change, technology keeps advancing, and with all this nonstop progress video games have become better in every way: from graphics and gameplay, to sound and story line.

For that matter some games have been the inspiration for movie blockbusters such as the Prince of Persia, Silent Hill, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Resident Evil, just to name a few. But before our intro becomes too long and boring we’re going to reveal today’s list: video games that would make even better films than the ones we just mentioned….READ MORE



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