11 People Who Got Their Fifteen Minutes Thanks To How They Died

glorious-death-938x608Why are most of us (if not all of us, to a certain degree) scared of death, despite its inevitability? If you expect me to answer this question, then you better kiss my ass because I won’t go there and try to provide a solution to one of mankind’s biggest issues. As a thinker though, I suppose one of the main reasons we fear death is because most of us often see death as associated with pain and suffering; the act of dying is often painted as a horrible result of car crashes, explosions, natural disasters, cancer, and other illnesses. However, things weren’t always like this. In ancient Greece, for example, many people—especially soldiers—did not fear death the way we do today. They considered a glorious death in battle the ideal way to die. This is probably what the eleven peeps that follow had in mind before they died even though we’re not sure if the Greeks meant this exactly when they spoke about dying gloriously in battle….READ MORE



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