The Venomous Visha Kanyas Versus the Thugs

tumblr_oady8hQ1W11s2xw6vo1_1280Even a touch can kill. The Visha Kanyas were supposedly poisonous young women who operated as executioners in ancient India. Any contact with these toxic ladies would mean death. However, no one can say for certain where truth ends and myth begins about the historicity of these venomous assassins and the superhuman-like aura surrounding them….READ MORE

The Double-Headed Eagle: An Everlasting Symbol of Power

double_headed_eagle___dikefalos_aetos_by_kothanos-d7gwu8nThe double-headed eagle has been a popular symbol associated with the concept of a powerful Empire. Most contemporary uses of the symbol are exclusively associated with its use by the Byzantine Empire and the Greek Orthodox Church. However, the double-headed eagle has been in use for thousands of years – way before the Greeks identify it with the Byzantine Empire and Orthodox religion – while its original meaning is debated among scholars….READ MORE

20 Video Games That Changed Pop Culture

T7EjKt1Nowadays video games are unquestionably a massive part of pop culture and an endlessly growing force in the entertainment industry with billions in profit, but this wasn’t always the case. It took many years for gaming culture to attract so many die-hard fans worldwide. Here we present the iconic pioneers that paved the way for gaming to go mainstream, and the games still influencing our culture today….READ MORE

The Most Unmissable Summer Sporting Events

maxresdefault (1)No matter what the sport, many of the most popular annual athletic events in the world have one in common: they always occur in the summer. That, and their high ticket prices. But if you thought that the major events are the only ones taking place this summer, have we got good news for you. We’ve rounded up 11 spectator-worthy sporting events across the globe, some you may never have even heard of….READ MORE

Ragnar Lothbrok: The Ferocious Viking Hero that Became a Myth

maxresdefaultRagnar Lothbrok was a fearless hero of Norse lore who became widely known thanks to the History Channel’s hit series ‘Vikings.’ His historicity is subject to debate—as with King Arthur, for example—Ragnar is an amalgamation of a number of historical personages and minor characters of legend. So, the question is: Where does Ragnar the man end and the myth begin….READ MORE