25 Simple Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

life_hacks-factainmentLife can be complicated. Even the smallest things can prove to be bigger than what they appear. Needless to say, any help making life a little bit less complicated is appreciated. Thanks to simple life hacks, many of these problems have been mitigated and simplified, consequently making life a little bit easier. Now for those of you who don’t know, a life hack is a technique that revolves around life’s little annoyances, can be implemented quickly, and can be used to make one’s physical life more efficient when a more standard approach or product is either unavailable or undesirable….READ MORE

11 Greatest Individual Athletes Of All Time

086273af874ce07ea11058cf20d22a18_largeSports might not be as significant and effective in human life and activity as science, technology, education, business, and politics but they definitely have their own role to play in society not only today but also from the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Next to the music, film, and TV industries, sports entertain or, in rare cases, even offer national pride to fans around the world. There have been various polls and rankings in many different countries about the world’s greatest athletes of all time with most of them either focusing on a few major sports or, even worse, focusing exclusively on athletes from one country ignoring, in this way, many great athletes from different parts of the world. With this list we will attempt to rank the 11 greatest male athletes in history by individual sport….READ MORE

25 Famous People Who Have Shattered Our Faith In Humanity

bill_crosby_wallpaper_ideasBeing rich and famous is something many people desire. Especially those involved in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless money and fame doesn’t automatically make you the most moral person or even a positive role model. It’s true that millions of people around the world seem to love and adore their favorite celebrities even to the point of justifying their actions. But some of these actions are so outrageous that it makes you wonder how a sane person can execute them. Furthermore, you would think that celebrities, personalities who are admired by such a huge mass of people, would at least try to be role models and elevate our faith in humanity….READ MORE

25 Unique Scholarships You Might Not Know Existed

scholarshipsScholarship support not only makes attending college possible but it also helps spare graduates from excessive and debilitating debt. According to the Wall Street Journal, student debt surpassed $1 trillion nationally in 2011 and that appears to happen because even though parents still value contributing to their children’s college tuition, the amount of families that can afford to contribute has declined. Despite the fact that the country weathered the worst of the recession, many states are still reeling from the economic slump and most have made large cuts in public service funding—including higher education. As a result, public colleges and universities have increased tuition. I know what you’re probably thinking, but as someone who spent a good seven years in law school (and miraculously graduated) I can assure you that going to college is totally worth it….READ MORE

25 High-Paying Jobs That Appear To Be Really Fun

tdfrl_fxx_3There are moments we all wonder: Is working at a job for a paycheck a waste of time and life? To answer this question properly it would be wise to break down the mind-set behind it. On one hand a 9–5 job offers you a more steady, comfortable, and independent living, and helps you fulfill many of your goals and dreams. On the other hand, it’s true that we spend a significantly large amount of time at work, especially if it’s a job we don’t like (or even worse, one we hate) then life can really be dull and painful. That, of course, is not the case for every job out there, however. Some pay very well and are fun to do at the same time. Who, for example, wouldn’t like to drive Ferraris and get paid mad bucks to do it? Who would say no if they were offered the chance to try some of the most expensive and delicious chocolate in the world and guess what, get paid for it too….READ MORE

25 Facts About Uranus You May Not Know

desktop-planet-uranus-images-dowloadThere’s much to know about the pale blue planet affectionally known as Uranus. For example, did you know that it was discovered in 1781 but had actually been seen many times before? Or that Uranus’s original name was Georgian Sidus? Or that it needs about eighty-four Earth years to revolve around the sun? If you want to find out more then buckle your seat belt and take a ride with us, because these are 25 Facts About Uranus You May Not Know….READ MORE

11 Deadliest Bodyguard Units In History

immortalsFrom antiquity to today the safety and protection of public, wealthy, and most importantly, politically influential figures has been a very sensitive matter. Every emperor, king, powerful businessman, and president throughout history has been well aware of the fact that there are a series of dangers lurking around them such as assault, kidnapping, homicide, harassment, loss of confidential information, and a host of other criminal offenses. For that reason they make sure to hire the best guards to keep an eye on them 24/7. On this list we will find out about 11 effective bodyguard units that did (or still do) their job pretty well….READ MORE