After witnessing one of the most humiliating losses in sports history in the World Cup semifinal match between Germany and Brazil, we got even hungrier and decided to make a detailed research to discover more losses like this one. And no, this time our theme is not about surprising upsets in sports; we are after the most humiliating, degrading, embarrassing, and shameful losses in sports history that would make one to want to dig a hole and hide inside. So sit tight and enjoy the misery of some champs who dared to talk shit but not back it up with action….READ MORE

A Brief History of Nike


Very few people and even fewer brands have managed to become synonymous with pop culture in the 20th century. But in the last few decades, Nike has become a Titan of the sporting world, as well as part of the daily lives of millions of people everywhere.

But during the 1960s, it was Germany’s Adidas and Puma sneakers that dominated the global market on every level and in every sport. American businessman Phil Knight was convinced that the way to compete with the Germans was to introduce cheap but high-quality running shoes from Japan. But though he had a great idea and a solid plan, Phil didn’t have the money to achieve his goal….READ MORE

10 Interesting Facts About The Byzantine Empire

dikefalos_aetos_by_kothanos-d7gwu8nThe Byzantine Empire existed for nearly 1,125 years, and it’s one of the greatest empires of all time. Yet many people know little about it, other than the word “byzantine” being synonymous for highly intricate, complex, and devious dealings.

Beginning its adult life as the capital for the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, the city of Constantinople—later Byzantium, and Istanbul today—became the center of an extremely vibrant society that preserved Greek and Roman traditions while much of Western Europe slipped into the Dark Ages.  The Byzantine Empire protected Western Europe’s legacy until barbarism waned, when finally the preserved Greek and Roman masterworks opened the eyes of Europeans and stoked the fires of the Renaissance.

Many historians have agreed that without Byzantium to protect it, Europe would have been overrun by the tide of Islamic invaders. The purpose of this list is for the readers to take an accurate historical journey—based on real facts—very much worth taking….READ MORE

Yet Another 10 Awesome Quick Facts

QF-777According to a recent Wall Street Journal study, the average NFL game features only 10 minutes and 43 seconds of action. The rest are commercials, replays and commentary. This makes it possibly the most profitable 10-11 minutes of entertainment in the history of sports, particularly if you include the countless hours spent on sports talk radio and TV shows that continue to talk about the games and teams even in the off-season, all the while generating advertising revenue….READ MORE

10 Astronauts Who Became Pop Icons


Being an astronaut may not sound like such a dream job nowadays as it has done in the past—but there was once a time when almost every child dreamed of shuttling into space.

The space race between the USSR and the USA—not to mention countless blockbuster space films—created a popular conception of astronauts as some of the most heroic, intrepid, and glamorous people in the world. This list will attempt to rank the ten most famous, inspirational, and influential astronauts of all time, who each changed the course of history by breaking down one or another of humankind’s barriers….READ MORE



Many people consider sex the greatest pleasure in life and, of course, without it reproduction would be simply impossible. Also let’s not overlook that sex has become a business as well for many decades now since nothing sells as much as sex does. But what about the people who spit on sex and turn their backs on it? Are they weird? Are they scared? Are they just not interested?

In this list we will learn about eleven notable people who either by choice, from ideology, by need, or just due to the circumstances never got any and died as pure as they were born….READ MORE



Summer is here and the most common thought going on in pretty much everyone’s heads right now is what else? Summer vacations, of course. However, at TCmag we are never happy with plain assertions of this type so we will take it a step further and suggest eleven cool things for you to do during the summer, whether you are staying at home working (poor you), or you are vacationing in an exotic paradise as you are reading this you lucky b%$#&*s….READ MORE