25 Startling Origins Of Popular Idioms

Biting_the_Bullet_by_VanPanWithout them the English language wouldn’t be as colorful and vivid as it is in many instances. An idiom can often successfully express a complicated idea than a hundred words can. We use them in our everyday conversations but how many of us know the origin or even the original meaning of some of the most popular idioms we use? Ironically even the term idiom isn’t an English word but derives from the Greek for “one of a kind.” Before we give too much information and ruin it for you, here are 25 widely used and popular idioms accompanied by their meaning and origin…..READ MORE

25 Greatest Fashion Models Of All Time

pbd19850101d001No matter which way you try to slice it, this is a man’s world. This is basically the reason why men are usually way overrepresented in most fields from politics to science, technology to the arts, warfare to religion, and education to business, just to name the obvious. With few exceptions, it is rare to find any field that was or is dominated by women and one such exception, is the fashion industry and to be more specific, the “glorious” catwalk.

From around the mid-twentieth century when it began to leave its mark on advertising and the fashion industry until now, modeling has been dominated by gorgeous women who traditionally seduce males by just wearing a piece of clothing, often tight, provocative, and colorful. Today we’re ranking the 25 greatest fashion models who have influenced pop culture like very few people have….READ MORE


internet crimeAccording to Wikipedia and most contemporary dictionaries social media consists of computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share, or exchange information, ideas, and images/videos in virtual communities and networks. However, and as we all know, wherever human activity is involved there’s often jealousy, violence, craziness, and many more “nice” attributes of humankind. In this list we take a closer look at 11 cases where social media became the reason or served as the tool for some crazy or cruel people to commit murder…..READ MORE

25 Fascinating Facts About Modern Greece

beautiful_greece-992622Modern Greece is blessed and at the same time “doomed” to be famous for its immense history, culture, contributions to the world, and the historical figures it has produced. This is why when the average person thinks of Greece their mind automatically goes either to its natural beauty or to contemplating its vibrant ancient history. On today’s list however, we focus on the wonder and beauty of modern Greece and won’t mention ancient Greece at all, which, trust us, wasn’t easy…..READ MORE


300-fight-scene-workoutFor some strange reason violence and sex are two of the most popular “attractions” when it comes to film and we say strange for a reason. I have always wondered why the heck would anyone seek out violence or especially sex in a blockbuster or quality film when all you need to do is purchase a membership on “Brazzers” or buy UFC’s next fight card and enjoy lots of REAL sex and fighting, respectively, instead of waiting for a few minutes of action (of any kind) in each film you want to watch.

Having said all that, I must admit that I am one of these unrepentant geeks who will grab a big bag of popcorn and an XXL cold Sprite and watch every sci-fi and action movie that promises to seduce my eyes for two hours with its visual effects and crazy, unrealistic fight scenes. Even though I am a huge fan of combat sports and I will watch every UFC and WWE main event, or Wladimir Klitschko’s heavyweight title defense, I reckon that none of these real bloody sports can offer the kind of pleasure an expensive and well-filmed fight scene does. Here are 11 such fight scenes that we’re sure most of you will agree that kick ass . . . READ MORE

9 Great Players Who Didn’t Win the Ballon d’Or

fifa-ballon-d-or-2013-messi-ronaldo-ribery-ibrahimovicThe Ballon d’Or is for soccer players what the Oscars are for actors and the Nobel Prize is to scientists: soccer’s most prestigious award for individual achievement. And just as some of the world’s finest actors never laid their hands on an Oscar, some of soccer’s greatest ever players have been overlooked for the Ballon d’Or.

First, a little about the award: Today’s FIFA Ballon d’Or award is the result of a 2010 merging of France Football’s Ballon d’Or and the men’s FIFA World Player of the Year award. Pre-2010, the Ballon d’Or was awarded based on votes case by European soccer journalists, and pre-1995 those journalists could only vote for players of European origin. Here are nine great players who did not win the Ballon d’Or….READ MORE

25 Craziest Medical Treatments In History

1024px-Crane-trepanation-img_0507The history of medicine is filled with wild stories of bizarre healing methods and medical treatments that revolve around pain and death. Despite the goodwill and honest attempts of many doctors and scientists throughout the years to find the most humane treatment and healing process for human pain and disease the results have been extremely painful and harmful, in some cases even worse than the initial health problem. Here are 25 examples of some of the craziest medical treatments in history. Let’s just say that it’s good to live in modern times…..READ MORE