original-4641-1396443741-14Why is it that people get upset over their own unflattering national stereotypes while they tend to believe those about others? Why does the same thing happen when we talk about religion, race/ethnicity, gender, or politics? Is one country or race really better than another? It is a proven fact that nothing stirs up human emotions more than these subjects. Let’s not waste any more time with introductions and long prologues. The title is very clear and leaves no room for doubt over the content of this list…..READ MORE

25 Everyday Things That Are Statistically Deadlier Than Sharks

shark-jaws-wide-openFor more than four decades now sharks have been viewed as one of the most deadly animals in the world, mainly due to several publicized attacks surfers have suffered throughout the last decade in particular and even more so thanks to Spielberg’s blockbuster, Jaws. Yet, by taking a close look at the official statistics one will realize that sharks are nowhere near as deadly as we might think.

According to the official U.S. Life Expectancy Facts the average American citizen has a one in sixty-three chance of dying from the flu and only a 1 in 3.7 million chance of being killed by a shark during his or her lifetime….READ MORE


Magazines_are_only_as_good_as_many_copies_they_sell_To_doThey usually say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but it seems like that’s not the case when it comes to magazines. Most magazines have a steady subscription base, but they’re always looking to attract your attention as you walk past the rack. Typically, the more controversial a cover is, the more copies you can expect to fly off the newsstand.

However as we’ve seen many times before, if you push it too far, you risk alienating advertisers, distributors, and subscribers. Here are eleven cases of magazine covers that dedicated readers and pop culture fans will never forget. These provocative covers drove sales to new levels…..READ MORE

25 Most Destructive Wildfires Ever Recorded In History

bp12Wildfires can be really sneaky and often begin unnoticed. They are usually triggered by lightning or accidents that most times are caused by irresponsible people. They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees, and homes, destroying thousands of acres of virgin land and killing innocent people. So next time you go camping or visit the forest make sure to put out your cigarette first or douse the campfire because the 25 wildfires that follow will hopefully help you realize that the consequences of an unmanageable wildfire can be terrifying, chaotic, and devastating….READ MORE


25 Strange Phenomena Within This Decade That Have Yet To Be Explained

glow-585x306-1-coverFrom antiquity to today, science has been man’s ultimate tool in the attempt to understand how the natural world works, with empirical evidence as the basis of that understanding. However, many cases have been recorded in which even science can’t reasonably explain certain natural phenomena which some might refer to as miracles, and which others call unexplained mysteries. Of course, we won’t try to explain any of these strange phenomena, but instead list 25 of the most shocking that have occurred during the first half of this decade…READ MORE


anti_valentine_by_netherworldmage-d5uvml7Some people say that every day is a blessing from God and that we should celebrate and live it like it’s our last. Others consider February one of the most depressing months of the year, a gray month that lacks big events or celebrations and has nothing but endless snow and cold to offer. So, Valentine’s Day is not only a day to show love and affection to our “special” one but also a way to make this month a little brighter and happier.

However, if you thought for a moment that we plan on getting into the whole debate about whether Valentine’s Day should or shouldn’t be celebrated, you’re mistaken. Our mission with this list is very specific and is directed straight at our single male readers. Buddies, we got good news for you—there’s no reason to be depressed because there are many ways to celebrate the day even if the only female in your life is your cat….READ MORE

25 Most Hated Backstabbing Traitors In History

4662466735_a4a40a4a0cAccording to most dictionaries a traitor is someone who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause, or trust. Though no one loves a traitor there are some cases where things are not as black-and-white as they may appear at first glance. For example, is someone who betrays a government that oppresses its people a traitor or a hero/martyr? Is someone who betrays a project that would kill or harm thousands of people a traitor or a savior? You be the judge….READ MORE