25 Fast Food Menu Items That Failed Miserably

fast_food_nation-001Fast-food restaurant chains are constantly trying new things and are in a constant competition over which has the best and most unique menus items in the hopes of luring new customers. However, in this nonstop race to come up with the next buzzworthy food item mistakes are bound to happen. From McDonald’s Hula Burger to Pizza Hut’s Priazzo these are 25 Fast Food Menu Items That Failed Miserably….READ MORE

11 Finest Pieces Of Literature Ever Written (For TCmag)

TCMAG_LAUNCHES_ITS_EDITORIAL_SECTIONBelieve it or not, today’s list is number 101 since February 2014 when we published our first article and we feel like celebrating. TCmag’s first piece was a trivia article about the historic photo in which Einstein sticks out his tongue and we gave you the chance to learn why the scientist posed like Michael Jordan before Jordan was born. Since then twenty-three more trivia articles have followed and seventy-six lists and all of them have a special place in our hearts and we’re sure in yours too.
So what’s better on such an occasion than compiling the ultimate list in which we reminisce about the eleven best lists we ever published….READ MORE

25 Largest Man-Made Things Too Large To Fully Comprehend

antonov-an-225-mriya-1921x1184From towering skyscrapers to sprawling, high-tech airports, humans have built some of the most impressive wonders. Throughout history and even today humans have continuously demonstrated their power and wealth in order to advance their societies and culture by building magnificent constructions such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon of Athens, and the Eiffel Tower; three of the most famous structures in the world.

Unfortunately, these are not even the largest things humans have constructed (so you wont see them on this list). But get ready, because you are about to witness some of the most daunting and impressively large human creations ever built. Witness 25 Largest Man-Made Things Too Large To Fully Comprehend….READ MORE

11 Intriguing Facts About The Internet That You Should Know

World_Wide_WebNowadays it’s really hard to even imagine the “unthinkable”; of course, we’re referring to a life without the Internet. Despite our everyday reality of having the Internet at our fingertips, the truth is there are many of us who grew up without it, and so we were not dependent on it as we are now, and in all honesty we did just fine. However, the question remains: how would society today fare without the Internet, if it suddenly collapsed or permanently went offline?

Well, before we attempt to imagine this macabre scenario we decided to list 11 awesome facts about this most amazing invention because we are pretty sure that even though you use it for hours on a daily basis you don’t know the basics about its glorious history….READ MORE

25 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made That You Probably Own

junYN7VHave you thought about which are the most expensive video games ever made? It may be hard to believe but the development and marketing of a top video game can easily cost almost as much as it does to make a film nowadays (probably even more). As video games have grown in popularity so have their budgets, which now rival those of major Hollywood productions. Together, the marketing and production budgets for a game can reach more than a quarter billion dollars.

Many experts predict that with the advance of technology, video game production costs will become increasingly expensive. Today we’ll focus purely on the development and marketing costs associated with video games as we proudly present the 25 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made That You Probably Own (and if you don’t, you should)….READ MORE


25 Strangest Disappearances In History That Are Still Unanswered

ws_UFO_Abduction_1280x1024When people vanish, the curiosity and mystery surrounding their disappearance makes you wonder what really happened. A small percentage of those who disappear may have deliberately chosen this path for their own reasons, such as starting a new life someplace where no one knows them. Another small number may have been murdered or died accidentally, and nobody was there to witness and report the event because the circumstances were so unusual. There’s also a respectable number of people who just disappeared and no logical explanation has been found for this occurrence….READ MORE


25 Unfortunate Lottery Winners You Can’t Help But Feel Sorry For

winner-50-maxWhat would you do if you won the lottery? Would you buy a house, a car, maybe a yacht? Would you pay off debt, maybe even your student loans? How about giving money to charity and friends? It’s fun to think about what we would do if we were lottery winners. However, there are some people who have actually won and though it may seem like their dreams came true, their end was more like a nightmare.

Many lottery winners got involved with drugs, scandals, gambling, and many other unwise financial decisions. Some lottery winners even ended up taking their own lives. That’s pretty hard to believe? After all, how could owning so much money ever be considered a nightmare? In today’s list we explore 25 unfortunate lottery winners you can’t help but feel sorry for….READ MORE