25 Things We Secretly Or Openly Miss From The ’90s

u8RPpMany polls conducted by major online and print media such as The Independent and Reader’s Digest among others have shown recently that even though we have greatly superior technology today, over fifty percent of the readers who participated in the polls apparently miss the more simple gadgets and glory days of analog technology of the ‘90s. Let’s face it: the ’90s are the new ‘80s and as time goes by, the nostalgia for that amazing decade will just keep growing bigger and bigger….READ MORE


mma-eaFrom perceived barbarity to “the fastest growing sport in the world,’’ MMA has come a long, bloody way and trust us when we say that it wasn’t easy, especially for the fighters. Despite being a major sport for the past two decades, there have been many great champions who have become mainstream attractions. Here are eleven of the finest warriors who have offered big doses of blood, sweat, and glory inside the cage….READ MORE

25 Creepy Details From Your Favorite Horror Films You May Not Know

scary-wallpapers-free-8Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the cameras when the lights turn off, especially in films that scare us and freak us out? Do the actors of such films take their roles as seriously as they appear to onscreen? What about all those little, spicy details that most of us usually never hear about? Do the horror film crews party and have fun while shooting a film with such gruesome effects? Find out with these 25 creepy details from your favorite horror films you may not know….READ MORE


3d-halloween-desktopHalloween is near and it’s time for the little “ghosts” and “goblins” to take over the streets and ask for candy and scare each other silly. The same creepy and spooky stories that have been told for ages will be retold around fires, scary films will conquer the box office and pop up on TV screens, and pumpkins will be carved into jack-o’-lanterns. But how much do you know about what has become many people’s favorite time of year? Would you care to know all the little details and trivia behind Halloween or are you only concerned with finding the best costume and eating as much candy as you can yet again this year? Either way, here are eleven interesting facts about Halloween that might make the last night of October even more enjoyable for you…..READ MORE

25 Last Survivors Of Exceptionally Significant Historical Events

LSOC_for_blogAccording to the ancient Greeks the study of history is nothing more than the narrative of those who had the good or bad fortune to witness an event and so subjectivity has always been a factor in many cases where the story of the same event differs greatly depending on the source. On this list, however, we will meet people who either had the skill or luck to survive against the odds, or simply lived naturally long lives, and so were able to tell their own version of the story without anyone challenging their facts and truth. From the sole survivor of 300 to the sole survivor of James Cook first voyage these are 25 last survivors of exceptionally significant historical events….READ MORE

25 Scary Books That Will Keep You Up At Night

bram-stokers-dracula (1)Despite living in the most high-tech phase of modern history there will always be idealistic and dedicated fans of one of the most classic forms of entertainment, Of course, we are referring to reading. So if you’re not into fancy films with super-expensive costumes and special effects, video games, TV shows, and any form of high-technology entertainment we selected 25 scary books that will keep you up at night this Halloween….READ MORE

25 Terrifying Kids You Wouldn’t Want To Babysit

Samara_Morgan_by_LiooonThe “killer child” film is a sub-genre of horror flicks that seems to gain more and more fans with time. According to psychologists and film critics, this phenomenon is mainly contributed to how we perceive children (as innocent, good, and pure, hence harmless) and the shock we experience as an audience when we watch a child embrace evil and commit violent, destructive acts. On this list we are collecting 25 terrifying kids you wouldn’t want to babysit. These kids are anything but soft, sweet, or harmless and shocked us with their gruesome crimes and repulsive behavior….READ MORE