25 Worst Type Of Facebook Friends You May Want To “Unfriend” Today

facebook-200266Facebook is like a high-tech twenty-first-century disease that tries to end every real face-to-face human interaction and relationship there is. How has it done so? First off, it has slowly but surely transformed normal human beings into some kind of a zombie, who have shown you their true colors through the things they do and post on daily basis. For that matter, there are so many categories of “Facebook Zombies” that they have been divided into camps and are now trying to take over the world. Of course, we are just exaggerating in this small prologue but we still selected 25 worst type of Facebook Friends you may want to “Unfriend” today. They might not turn into zombies but they definitely act like ones sometimes…..READ MORE

25 Popular Landmarks That Are Creepy Suicide Hot Spots

humber-bridge-evening-lightsSuicide is a complex and emotional subject. The most common reasons why people contemplate taking such drastic measures involve depression or other mental issues; financial problems, terminal illnesses or disability, and a host of other reasons. However, that doesn’t explain why certain locations around the world seem to somehow become suicide hot spots, drawing a cluster of people on an annual basis. Could it be their heights? Or maybe their iconic status? We really don’t know. But what we do know is that these popular landmarks for some reason or another are suicide hot spots and many people decide to end their lives, on them……READ MORE


25 Nightmarish Airports You Don’t Want To Visit

plane-landing-maho-beach-4Fear of flying is considered by most psychologists one of the most complex psychological issues and because of the intense fear some people experience even at the thought of flying, they are condemned to never see many beautiful places even though they would love to. According to various studies, this fear becomes even worse when other security concerns are involved, and this list of 25 nightmarish airports perfectly justifies the fear of flying, which might not be as irrational as members of psychology circles suggest it is….READ MORE

25 Things We Secretly Or Openly Miss From The ’90s

u8RPpMany polls conducted by major online and print media such as The Independent and Reader’s Digest among others have shown recently that even though we have greatly superior technology today, over fifty percent of the readers who participated in the polls apparently miss the more simple gadgets and glory days of analog technology of the ‘90s. Let’s face it: the ’90s are the new ‘80s and as time goes by, the nostalgia for that amazing decade will just keep growing bigger and bigger….READ MORE


mma-eaFrom perceived barbarity to “the fastest growing sport in the world,’’ MMA has come a long, bloody way and trust us when we say that it wasn’t easy, especially for the fighters. Despite being a major sport for the past two decades, there have been many great champions who have become mainstream attractions. Here are eleven of the finest warriors who have offered big doses of blood, sweat, and glory inside the cage….READ MORE

25 Creepy Details From Your Favorite Horror Films You May Not Know

scary-wallpapers-free-8Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the cameras when the lights turn off, especially in films that scare us and freak us out? Do the actors of such films take their roles as seriously as they appear to onscreen? What about all those little, spicy details that most of us usually never hear about? Do the horror film crews party and have fun while shooting a film with such gruesome effects? Find out with these 25 creepy details from your favorite horror films you may not know….READ MORE


3d-halloween-desktopHalloween is near and it’s time for the little “ghosts” and “goblins” to take over the streets and ask for candy and scare each other silly. The same creepy and spooky stories that have been told for ages will be retold around fires, scary films will conquer the box office and pop up on TV screens, and pumpkins will be carved into jack-o’-lanterns. But how much do you know about what has become many people’s favorite time of year? Would you care to know all the little details and trivia behind Halloween or are you only concerned with finding the best costume and eating as much candy as you can yet again this year? Either way, here are eleven interesting facts about Halloween that might make the last night of October even more enjoyable for you…..READ MORE