25 Animal Kingdom Facts That You Might Find Hard To Believe

Animal_Kingdom_Wallpaper_mgobyWe love to watch them, study them, and to a certain degree be around them (though some can eat us, sooooo we have to be careful when being around them). Some people find the animal kingdom to be innocent and authentic compared to human societies while others find it brutally violent and instinctive (both are awesome). There are so many fascinating facts about the animal kingdom that it may seem like you can never stop learning new details about it, and why would you want to? In fact, what you are about to witness might just sway you to study the animal kingdom even more or at least sit back and enjoy some facts that you will find hard to believe.

For example, did you know that Oysters can change sex? Or how about the fact that one little frog can easily kill ten grown man. So if you’re ready to read on about the insanity that is the Animal kingdom, then let us present you with these 25 Animal Kingdom facts that you might find hard to believe….READ MORE


girls_of_summer___jada_fire_3_by_agent_sixxx-d62aw6yEver find yourself dying to approach a beautiful woman you saw somewhere but you didn’t have the slightest clue how to do it or what to say, let alone the nerve to even try? Well, it’s not like we’re in a position to help any of you since we’re not that great at approaching girls either, but we can do what we do best: detailed research and come up with some pickup lines that are SO bad they are good.

Despite recent studies that show 80 percent of females are more likely to reject a guy who uses a pickup line and that this strategy usually makes him look like an immature loser in the eyes of the average woman, you never know, it might be your lucky day, because as we already said, the following pickup lines are SO bad that they might actually work…..READ MORE

25 Facts About Norse Gods Hollywood Won’t Teach You

thor-hammer-1920x1080You’re probably familiar with Thor and his mighty hammer—and if you’re a Marvel fan you might even know that the hammer is called Mjölnir. However, most of us would have a hard time recalling any other facts concerning Norse gods, well maybe with the exception of the name of Thor’s father, Odin. For example, did you know that Thor is actually a redhead, or that Odin formed the first humans out of wood? It’s true. So if you’re ready to learn some interesting facts about Norse gods, dive on into these 25 Facts About Norse Gods Hollywood Won’t Teach You….READ MORE

25 Surprising Sources That Influenced The Creation Of Today’s Funniest Memes

Meme-Wallpaper-memes-30218810-1024-768What’s your favorite meme? Is it doge, scumbag Steve, confession bear, Ermahgerd Girl, grumpy cat? These wonderful creations have been the cause of hours of laughter for many, but have you ever wondered about the original story behind these pictures? What makes grumpy cat so grumpy? Why is scumbag Steve such a scumbag, and what on earth did confession bear need to confess so badly? Not to worry, we have the answers for you! So sit down (or stay seated if you are already sitting) and enjoy these 25 Surprising Sources That Influenced The Creation Of Today’s Funniest Memes….READ MORE

25 Amazing Facts About The Human Body You May Not Be Aware Of

lights planets artwork human body arms raised cameron gray_wallpaperswaHow familiar are you with your body? The human body is a marvel of evolution that amazes scientists on a consistent basis. And why wouldn’t it? Though in many ways we are similar to other lifeforms on our planet, the human is a unique animal with traits and capabilities unrivaled in the animal kingdom. Our bodies’ unique and sometimes bizarre physiology is a testament to this. From being the only animal with the ability to cry emotionally to possessing superhuman strength (enough to even lift cars), these are 25 Amazing Facts About The Human Body You May Not Be Aware Of….READ MORE

11 Mouthwatering European Restaurants To Visit This Summer

10854217_802877519788261_438577365662397897_oAs diverse as the continent itself, European cuisine offers something for every taste. Whether you prefer to play it safe with a pizza Margherita in Rome, or be braver with your stomach and treat it to a spicy plate of gyros in Athens, Europe has hundreds of tastes to offer. Additionally, Europe is the most visited continent worldwide, with countries such as France, Spain, Greece and Italy being its meccas of tourism.

After taking into account personal experiences and detailed research, we came up with 11 unique dishes from across Europe that we hope will inspire you to try out a new cuisine the next time you visit any of the countries and restaurants mentioned below…..READ MORE