I was born in Corinth, Greece. I am an 80s baby, a 90s kid and a 21st century man.
I have been a nerd jock as long as I remember myself. My first video game console was Nintendo’s Game Boy. My favorite superhero as a kid was Spider-Man.
As a junior and teenager I won regional, state and national titles in three different sports: tennis, basketball and pankration. I made my fellow geeks proud!
At 18, I went to Athens University Law School. Soon after I moved to Italy and the University of Pisa through the Erasmus exchange programme. I ended up spending over 3 years in Italy working at a nightclub and touring all over Europe as a rock star.
In the mid 2000s I joined the Hellenic Navy where I spent 16 months of my life.
In 2010, I completed a Master’s Degree in Law and started my «adventures» as a trainee lawyer. Two years later I got the license to practice law (Athens Bar Association).
In April 2013 my first paid article was published by Listverse. The rest is history…
On February 27, 2020, my first book titled «OMG Stories» was published in Greece. After writing in English for so many years, I wanted really bad to do something in my first language. It’s safe to say that this was the first infotainment book in the country’s history.

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