Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my digital space.

Hi, I’m Theo! Since 2012 I have been writing and working with
several major webistes across the Web. Other than the fact I can write from my bedroom without wearing pants and ties, writing has always been a hobby of mine.

As I transitioned through my professional career (I used to be a lawyer) I kept my writing passion alive mostly rambling on various forums and platforms about technology, history, science fiction, infotainment and philosophy.

I can explain complex topics in an entertaining or accesible way, depending on my client’s demands. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with people who are looking for intriguing and insightful content.

Most importantly, writing allows me to live life on my terms and still provide maximum value to my clients. It also provides me with flexibility of work and the freedom to travel without restrictive office time and meetings.

Working from everywhere is my new motto

So let’s get to know each other and who knows? We may end up working together one day…

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