The Glorious Historical and Cultural Background of Corinth

With a recorded history of nearly five thousand years, Corinth is one of the most historic cities not just in Greece, but also around the globe. By the seventh century BC, Corinth was one of the most advanced Greek city-states.

Soon, it became the greatest naval and commercial center of antiquity, establishing several colonies in the region of the Ionian Sea and that of Illyria. However, the Corinthians are best remembered for colonizing large parts of southern Italy, with Syracuse being the most powerful and rich of all the Sicilian colonies….READ MORE


20 Secret Greek Islands To Discover This Summer

The Greek Isles are an integral part of the country’s culture and tourism, with each one of them having a completely different and unique style. So, what if we told you that there are over 220 inhabited islands in Greece today, with some of them being even more stunning than Santorini? Would you believe us? The following list may convince you….READ MORE

25 Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos

Mother Nature is often personified as a woman. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered Mother Nature as the ultimate source and guiding force of creation. And they weren’t wrong!

The following collection of 25 Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos clearly proves that Nature has the power to fascinate you, scare you, intimidate you and make you wonder. All at the same time….READ MORE

25 Amazing Facts About Notre Dame Cathedral

RQcvS5YThe bells all over France toll in solidarity with Notre Dame. One of the world’s most iconic monuments is not the same anymore. The flames of the catastrophic fire, demolished several parts of the beautiful cathedral. But the good news is that many of its most important treasures were saved. The imposing bell towers and its gorgeous rose windows remain intact…READ MORE

25 Mindblowing Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction!

facts-not-fictionAre you one of those peeps who love sci-fi films? Fantasy comics? Dystopian video games? Any form of entertainment that has nothing to do with reality? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place!

However, movies, comics and games aren’t the only source of amusing insanity. A lot of things happen every day that are as strange as those you see in fiction. Some of them are even stranger….READ MORE