10 Ancient Serial Killers That Foreshadowed Jack The Ripper

4495439099001_5325981371001_5312678333001-vsWhat makes someone a serial killer? Even though psychologists and criminologists have been working for decades to accurately define and identify what makes a person commit such cold-blooded murders again and again, we are afraid that the answer to this question could be way more complicated that it appears to be at first glance. The causes of psychopathy remain somewhat of a mystery….READ MORE


High Times in Ancient China: 2,700-Year-Old Marijuana Stash Found in Shaman Grave

Marijuana-Stash-BoxA 2,700-year-old stash of whole marijuana plants was uncovered in an ancient tomb in northwest China. If marijuana aged like wine, the rare “artifact” may be one of the most wanted objects for all the pot smokers around the world, but according to the researchers, the weed had decomposed over the years and no one would feel any effects if they smoked it today….READ MORE

You Speak Like a Viking! 10 Everyday Words in English with Old Norse Origins

VikingsHelgaStillDid you know that many words we use today such as “husband,” “happy,” and “egg” are of Old Norse origin? No? Well, this isn’t surprising, as in the minds of many people the Vikings were nothing but a bunch of brutal savages. But they were more sophisticated than most people tend to believe. Their rich and powerful Old Norse language provides clear proof….READ MORE

The 15 Most Captivating Video Game Storylines Ever

the-last-of-us-movie-officially-confirmed-at-comic-con-7522bd70-e72f-4b5b-b9a4-a52ea6afa559jpeg-57aaab_1280wA few decades ago, your average gamer could play Pac-Man and Space Invaders for hours without complaining. However, as video games have grown more sophisticated and become one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet, gameplay alone can no longer satisfy the demands of millions of gamers worldwide. They want better graphics, better challenges …and better stories. Here, we present 15 captivating video game storylines that will keep any player immersed in their virtual world….READ MORE

The Greatest Runner You Have Never Heard Of: The Other Famous Greek Leonidas

anicent-olympics-gamesThanks to Zack Snyder’s 2007 fantasy historical film,  300, the Battle of Thermopylae has become one of the most famous battles in history, while the name Leonidas is now synonymous with the legendary Spartan king who led his 300 men against hundreds of thousands of Persians. What if we told you that the most celebrated Olympian of antiquity was also a Leonidas? And that way before Michael Phelps became the most decorated gold medalist in Olympic history, there was Leonidas of Rhodes….READ MORE