25 Scary Books That Will Keep You Up At Night

bram-stokers-dracula (1)Despite living in the most high-tech phase of modern history there will always be idealistic and dedicated fans of one of the most classic forms of entertainment, Of course, we are referring to reading. So if you’re not into fancy films with super-expensive costumes and special effects, video games, TV shows, and any form of high-technology entertainment we selected 25 scary books that will keep you up at night this Halloween….READ MORE

9 More Interesting Quick Facts

The Wrestler - Mickey Rourke -3Mickey Rourke, most recently known for his parts in Iron Man 2 and The Expendables, shocked Hollywood back in the early 90s when he decided to quit acting and become a professional boxer. Rourke intended to fight until he got a title shot, but after three years and a series of serious injuries he decided to quit. However, he did manage to retire undefeated with 6 wins and 2 draws, joining an elite club of boxers who retired undefeated such as the great Rocky Marciano and arguably the greatest super middleweight boxer of all time, Joe Calzaghe….READ MORE

Another 10 Awesome Quick Facts


Thomas Fitzpatrick had two passions: drinking and flying planes. On September 30, 1956, on a bet after a night of drinking, Fitzpatrick stole a small plane from New Jersey and landed it on an extremely narrow Manhattan street, in the dark, in front of the bar he had been drinking at on St. Nicholas Avenue. Then, two years later, he did it again.  In this latter police report, it was noted he said he had to do it again because a man at the bar openly doubted he really did it the first time….READ MORE



Summer is here and the most common thought going on in pretty much everyone’s heads right now is what else? Summer vacations, of course. However, at TCmag we are never happy with plain assertions of this type so we will take it a step further and suggest eleven cool things for you to do during the summer, whether you are staying at home working (poor you), or you are vacationing in an exotic paradise as you are reading this you lucky b%$#&*s….READ MORE



A recent poll in the US showed that people have become really greedy, megalomaniac and always expect the best (in financial terms) thing to happen to them because for some reason they deserve it. Not that we didn’t know all this or that this phenomenon is only a sign of our times since being filthy rich has always being the ultimate desire and dream for most people….READ MORE

11 Interesting World Cup Football Facts


“Soccer” was once a popular name for Football in Britain in the sport’s earliest days. When the rules for the sport were first being defined, it was named “Association Football” to distinguish it from the other forms of football commonly played. Within a year of its inception, this got slurred down to “Assoccer,” after the common practice of adding “-er” to nicknames at the time in Britain. Very shortly after this, “Assoccer” became “Soccer,” which remained a semi-popular nickname for the sport in Britain until about a half century ago, along with just “Football.” The game initially spread throughout the world primarily known as “Football.” However, in countries where other forms of football already were dominate, the nickname “Soccer” was, and in some cases still is, the preferred name for this reason….READ MORE