A Memory of Solferino – The Life of Henry Dunant


On May 8, 1828, the man who founded The International Committee of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant, was born. In 1922, almost a century after his birth, the eighth of May was declared a day dedicated to the International Red Cross, in this way honoring its founder. Dunant’s dream was to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without discrimination. Despite being born to wealth, he died in poverty partially due to his dedication to charitable work.  He remains one of the greatest humanitarians in history, but few today know much about him….Read More


Συντάκτης: Theodoros II

Theodoros II is a lawyer, a freelance writer, an opinionated blogger and an Internet fanatic who recently moved to "The Lost City of Atlantis" and now desperately misses junk food, city lights, comics and trash TV. You can follow him on twitter @TheodorosII


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