Magazines_are_only_as_good_as_many_copies_they_sell_To_doThey usually say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but it seems like that’s not the case when it comes to magazines. Most magazines have a steady subscription base, but they’re always looking to attract your attention as you walk past the rack. Typically, the more controversial a cover is, the more copies you can expect to fly off the newsstand.

However as we’ve seen many times before, if you push it too far, you risk alienating advertisers, distributors, and subscribers. Here are eleven cases of magazine covers that dedicated readers and pop culture fans will never forget. These provocative covers drove sales to new levels…..READ MORE


Συντάκτης: Theodoros II

Theodoros II is a lawyer, a freelance writer, an opinionated blogger and an Internet fanatic who recently moved to "The Lost City of Atlantis" and now desperately misses junk food, city lights, comics and trash TV. You can follow him on twitter @TheodorosII


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