10417660_797215466979709_4450134582171468439_nEvery time ancient Greece is mentioned most people automatically think of democracy, the Olympic Games, mythology, philosophy, and various sciences such as mathematics and astronomy. It seems that very few are aware of how advanced the ancient Greeks were on a technological level as well, and we can guarantee that you will be shocked by the immense amount of knowledge you’re about to receive after you finish reading this article. The ancient Greeks were too amazing to be true, even by modern standards….READ MORE


25 Ancient Greek Cities that No Longer Exist or Are No Longer Greek

198-greekruinsBy taking a look at the world map today you would never believe that Greece, which is nothing but a small country, currently known as a beautiful tourist destination in southern Europe, had once dominated and colonized most parts of the then-known world. For those who love history though, Greece is without a doubt one of the most significant and influential nations of all time with amazing contributions to human culture including philosophy, various sciences, architecture, the Olympic Games, and democracy just to name the most prominent few….READ MORE



We have all heard of Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, and Athena but Greek mythology is full of badass gods and goddesses that we never got a chance to learn about in school or even through film, which occasionally educates (and brainwashes) us. Two such cases are Phanes and Nomos, but let’s take things from the beginning. Phanes wasn’t just any god, he was THE primeval god. He existed way before Zeus and before the Titans as well. He was the primal generator of life, the dominant force behind reproduction in the early history of creation and when we say early creation, we totally mean EARLY….. READ MORE

10 lesser-known Greek contributions that will blow your mind


When people think of Ancient Greek contributions to the world, they usually think of Democracy, the Olympic Games, mythology, philosophy, architecture, tragedy, comedy and theatre among others. It’s no secret that Greece, even though a small dot on the map, gave birth to many great things and it is widely considered to be the mother of Western Civilization. Even though most people are aware that almost everything related to western culture started in Greece, there’s much more associated with it than most people realize. With this list, we are not only aiming to enlighten, but to shock as well with some well-hidden and forgotten modern inventions that come from antiquity…. READ MORE