Top 10 Non-White Actors Who Played White Roles (and Why this Needs to Stop)


Not too long ago on Toptenz, we hosted a list of similarly sensitive subject matter. The author didn’t mention how the representation of white people, especially in modern films, tends to be stereotypical and negative in many ways too.

In fact, white actors seem to have a monopoly on roles as racists, sadistic freaks, pedophiles, serial killers, manic-depressive suicidal outcasts, rapists, and greedy corrupt politicians. Yet, no one ever complains about this cinematic anti-white racism. This is also the case when entertainers of color portray white characters, or even worse, white historical figures. However, instead of getting any criticisms for the historical, racial, and cultural harassment in the aforementioned cases, we have to celebrate “diversity” at any cost. Here are ten such cases….READ MORE