11 Terrifying Folks Who Would Bring The House Down At Your Halloween Party

1509248_10153873755643647_96683733671741562_nHalloween is here and most websites will be publishing lists of scary films, classic horror stories, creepy video games, and funny costumes. For that reason, we decided to do something different because we like being unique at TCmag if you haven’t noticed. This is our “Special Edition” list published on Halloween instead of our usual Thursday. It’s a party list with some really “special” guests. Would you like to come to the party? Happy Halloween…..READ MORE


Six Musicians Who Belong in Horror

108Some people look scary because that’s the way nature made them, while others try hard to make themselves look scary. Sometimes they even try to make it worse by acting the creepiest way possible. But don’t judge a book by its cover; most of the time, many of the people who look spooky or act crazy are actually shy and quiet people. Maybe their creepy looks and scary attitudes are just shields protecting their sensitivities. But no matter what……Read More