10 Random Quick Facts # 691-700


Current boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko from Ukraine  is the longest reigning WBO, IBF & IBO Heavyweight Champion in history with the most title defenses for all these three organizations. He is also the second longest reigning Heavyweight Champion ever, behind Joe Louis who holds the record from 1949, with a title reign that lasted over of 11 years….READ MORE




The industrial Revolution began there and it also happens to be the motherland of the most famous queen and sport (soccer as the Yanks call it) around the world. It has been the donator of the most spoken language of the modern world and the “factory” of sexy blond girls with cool accents.
It used to be a great empire before it became the 51st state of the United States (you know what I mean), has constant rainy weather, and also happens to be the birthplace of the coolest action movie star in the world, Jason Statham. However, all these things wouldn’t mean much to us if it hadn’t given the world so many great music bands during the twentieth century. We are of course referring to the UK and today we’re honoring the country that managed to invade every house around the world in the most peaceful way—its music…. READ MORE