25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle

warriors_spartans_300_killers_strong_man_4044_1920x1080Since the early days of human existence conflict has been a constant in the tapestry of history and civilization. The desire for power and dominance has proven to be one of the darkest motivations for humans across the globe, and for that reason as soon as the first societies and cultures emerged the first organized militaries became a necessity. Today’s list presents the 25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle the world has ever known….READ MORE


Συντάκτης: Theodoros II

Theodoros II is a lawyer, a freelance writer, an opinionated blogger and an Internet fanatic who recently moved to "The Lost City of Atlantis" and now desperately misses junk food, city lights, comics and trash TV. You can follow him on twitter @TheodorosII


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