25 Intriguing Things You Should Know About The Suicide Squad

Suicide-Squad-Poster-Art-TitleWith the Suicide Squad trailer surpassing Batman v Superman’s in YouTube views, there was little doubt that this highly anticipated film would be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, even though many critics and fans don’t seem to be excited by or happy with what they’ve seen. However, there’s a lot of buzz about the movie’s unusual story, which focuses on (not to say glorifies) a bunch of antiheroes, lunatics, and supervillains. So, if you happen to be a casual moviegoer who never had heard of this comic, there’s no doubt you will have a lot of ground to cover in case you want to understand what is going on in the film….READ MORE


Συντάκτης: Theodoros II

Theodoros II is a lawyer, a freelance writer, an opinionated blogger and an Internet fanatic who recently moved to "The Lost City of Atlantis" and now desperately misses junk food, city lights, comics and trash TV. You can follow him on twitter @TheodorosII


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