Top 10 Great Celebrity Generosity Blowouts


We all know that celebrities make way too much money for what they do. In a fair world, people such as scientists, doctors, and inventors – people who make real contributions to humanity – wouldn’t make pennies compared to actors, singers, and athletes. But that’s the way the world is. This list spotlights ten cases of celebrities going generous big time,returning the gratitude and love to some everyday hard-working people. So if you wonder why celebrities like Bono, Oprah, and Bill Gates are not included, it’s only because this list focuses on celebrities who actually pay from their own pockets rather than from some foundations…. READ MORE


Ten Organisms Named After Celebrities For Silly Reasons


Biologists will often honor a person who first discovered a species by naming it after them. It’s an age-old tradition, one that pays proper tribute to the contributions made to science by their incredible discovery.

However, the rules have loosened over the years. It seems like many scientists today believe that there is no problem with honoring people who have absolutely nothing to do with creature discovery: politicians, historical figures, athletes, and celebrities are the main source of inspiration. Several reasons could be given as to why scientists would do this, and most of them are just plain goofy. Such as …Read More