25 True Crime Stories About Serial Killers To Keep You Up At Night

Throughout history men have committed horrific crimes and the list of 25 true crime stories about serial killers that follows, is the clear proof of this. But what exactly makes someone a serial killer? Is he the product of bad genes or environmental factors…READ MORE

20 Medical Researchers Who Performed Shocking Experiments On Themselves

Although experimentation involving other human beings has always been a topic that sparks heated debate, the matter of self-experimentation among medical researchers has received much less criticism. Apparently, having the ethical right to do whatever we want with ourselves and our bodies – provided we cause no harm to others in the course of thatΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «20 Medical Researchers Who Performed Shocking Experiments On Themselves».

Tales of an aging gamer: Why don’t I pick up a controller as often as I used to?

Despite a wider variety than ever before, video games don’t have the same effect on me as they used to. That might not sound like a problem to some of you, but it is to me. I have played video games from the early days of my childhood, starting somewhere around the late ’80s. IΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «Tales of an aging gamer: Why don’t I pick up a controller as often as I used to?».

Homosexuality in Ancient Greece – One Big Lie?

You may have heard that homosexuality was celebrated in ancient Greece more than any other place and time. Some scholars have even called ancient Athens a gay paradise, where same-sex romance flourished without discrimination and prejudice. However, sexuality was framed very differently in ancient Greece than it is in the modern Western World….READ MORE

Treating Nicotine Addiction as a Chronic Disease

“You will either quit smoking or you will never see me grow older.” These were my words to my father when I was around four years old. He did quit and lived to see me become an adult, but it wasn’t easy for him. He had been smoking since age twelve, and not even professionalΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «Treating Nicotine Addiction as a Chronic Disease».

20 Historical Figures With Severe Mental Issues Who Shaped Our World

In many cases, psychiatrists can’t agree on the diagnosis and treatment of what are, nowadays, some of the most common mental disorders. Despite putting a man on the moon (shhh conspiracy theorists), it’s no secret that psychiatry is still a relatively new medical specialty. The way we think about mental illness changes almost constantly. However,Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «20 Historical Figures With Severe Mental Issues Who Shaped Our World».

The Next Big Thing: 5 Gaming Trends To Watch

We’ve witnessed some truly enormous gaming trends during the past few years, from the forward-looking (emerging new technologies) to the nostalgic (comebacks and remakes for Gen Xers and millennials). This year has been no different, hinting at an array of new developments set to revolutionise the gaming industry as we know it. Here, we lookΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «The Next Big Thing: 5 Gaming Trends To Watch».

Why White People Are Called «Caucasian» Sometimes?

Throughout history a variety of ways to scientifically classify different groups of humans have popped up, most notable to the story today being a system suggested by pioneering social scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, often considered the “father of scientific anthropology….READ MORE

16 Epic Movies That May Teach You A History Lesson You Missed At School

Movies set in antiquity have the magical ability to take us back in time, while they usually offer big doses of entertainment and action. Epics and historical dramas follow the fascinating adventures of great heroes and notable figures of the past, while they often present us a side of their personality that we didn’t getΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «16 Epic Movies That May Teach You A History Lesson You Missed At School».