10 Interesting Facts About The Byzantine Empire

dikefalos_aetos_by_kothanos-d7gwu8nThe Byzantine Empire existed for nearly 1,125 years, and it’s one of the greatest empires of all time. Yet many people know little about it, other than the word “byzantine” being synonymous for highly intricate, complex, and devious dealings.

Beginning its adult life as the capital for the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, the city of Constantinople—later Byzantium, and Istanbul today—became the center of an extremely vibrant society that preserved Greek and Roman traditions while much of Western Europe slipped into the Dark Ages.  The Byzantine Empire protected Western Europe’s legacy until barbarism waned, when finally the preserved Greek and Roman masterworks opened the eyes of Europeans and stoked the fires of the Renaissance.

Many historians have agreed that without Byzantium to protect it, Europe would have been overrun by the tide of Islamic invaders. The purpose of this list is for the readers to take an accurate historical journey—based on real facts—very much worth taking….READ MORE



Every sporting fan is pretty aware of specific sports upsets in history that have become quite tiring and boring to hear about every time the conversation goes there. And to be more specific we’re referring to the “miracle on ice,” the USSR beating the US basketball team at the 1972 Olympics, Mike Tyson getting KO’d by Buster Douglas, and Alexander Karelin finally losing after a decade and a half to Rulon Gardner. However, life goes on and there have been many more sporting upsets in recent history and to be quite honest some of them might be even bigger than the so called popular ones. So let’s get ready to rumbleeeee…. READ MORE